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2016 Iranian International PVPC Exhibition

Name: 2016 Iranian International Exhibition of Pumps, Valves, Piping and Compressors.
Date: Sept. 25th to Sept. 28th, 2016.
Address: International Exhibition Center of Tehran, Iran.
Introduction of Exhibition:
2016 Iranian International Exhibition of Pumps, Valves, Pipes and the Compressor is one of the few exhibitions in the Middle East pumps, valves, pipes, professional exhibition, also it is the only related industry exhibition in Iran. The exhibition received strong support from Iran's industry and oil ministry. Up to now, it has held five sessions. There are more than 1000 enterprises to participate the first five sessions, these pumps, valves, pipeline companies, machinery processing equipment, tubing, services and some other industries enterprises come from Iran, Germany, France, India, China, Pakistan, Russia and other countries. It is expected that there will be more than 200 enterprises to participate the sixth exhibition; professional audience will break through 8000. Comes at a time when the United States lift economic sanctions against Iran, Iran immediately released more than $100 billion. Iranian foreign minister announced that now Iran will begin to invest billions of dollars into oil production, to improve oil production to a large extent. Iran's oil production is only 30% capacity of previous production before lifting sanctions. Iran lifting sanctions will bring great business opportunities to the global oil and gas equipment manufacturing industry and service industry. Especially, in today's condition of global oil and gas industries stop producing, this is particularly important. Under this big background, the fifth pipe exhibition will greatly promote scale and level. This exhibition will be a can't-miss important platform for you to enter Iranian market. 

Scope of Exhibition:
Centrifugal pumps; Chemical pumps, corrosion resistance; Petroleum chemical process pump; Well pumps, submersible pumps, deep well pump, submersible pumps, submersible sewage pump, corrosion submersible pump); Mixed flow pump, oblique flow pump, axial flow pump and vortex pump; Pipeline pump, self-priming pump, submerged pump; Fire pump, air-conditioning pumps, Marine, food; Magnetic drive pump, shield pump; Impurity pump. Vacuum pump; reciprocating pump; Rotary pump. Metering pump, hydraulic test pump; 

The valve: 
Industrial pipe valves: energy use valves, cryogenic valves, oil, natural gas use valve, chemical valve, water supply and waste water treatment with valves, valve used in large engineering, metallurgical valve, Marine valve, paper and pulp production with valve, the valve drive gear, valve seal and gasket. 

Domestic valves: public facilities with valves, sanitary valves and other domestic valves, household water supply and sewage valve, heating, ventilation and refrigeration and air conditioning in the valve, laboratory and medical valve, agricultural production with the valve, and accessories. 

Valve engineering construction: building (building) in the water valve, building heating, ventilation and refrigeration and air conditioning in the valve, internal valve such as gas cycle, the fire safety valve, all kinds of containers, barrel type valve; Such as processing technology tools and auxiliary equipment; Measurement and control technology; Test engineering; Special field; 

Pipe material: stainless steel pipe, non-ferrous metal, plastic pipe, pipe and other pipe materials, parts, accessories, pipe production, processing and manufacturing machinery and equipment, tools, anti-corrosion, accessories, welding, heat treatment, pipe measuring, testing equipment, monitoring equipment, testing equipment, research and development, etc. 

Pipe fittings: all kinds of joint, elbow, tee, four-way, reducer, flange, elbow, pipe cap, sealing the top 
Flange and the sealing products: all kinds of flange, all kinds of industrial packing products 

Gas (natural gas) compressor and equipment tools, oil production and refining with compressor and equipment, metallurgical industry with compression equipment, polymeric material with compression equipment production and paper industry, chemical fertilizer production using compression equipment, mining with compression equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning compressor equipment; Compression technology, pneumatic tools; And maintenance of testing equipment, auxiliary equipment, automation system and gas study, etc.